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BVRLA calls for rethink on VAT reclaim rate

10 December 2012

The BVRLA is calling on the Government to increase the amount its members can reclaim on the VAT they incur.  Since 1995, businesses have been able to reclaim 50% of the VAT incurred on the finance element of a company car leasing fee.
John Lewis, chief executive of the BVRLA, explained: “Using data available at the time, the reclaim was introduced on the basis that at least half of a company car’s mileage was business use and should therefore be VAT deductible.  It is allowed as a ‘block derogation’, which means that it is generally available. This has major benefits because it removes the need for hirers or lessee’s to keep records of the mileages of individual cars.”
The European Commission keeps a watching brief and requires the UK Government to justify and renew the derogation every three years.
Lewis continued: “The next deadline comes in 2014, and realising that its own National Travel Survey data set is very thin, the Government came to the BVRLA for some more detailed figures to support a renewal of the derogation.  This is where things got interesting.”
After consulting with a range of business mileage capture providers, the BVRLA was able to gather figures on over 200,000 vehicles representing a cross-section of industry sectors, including perk, essential users and Government.
“We had the data audited by statisticians, who verified that it constitutes a robust and reflective sample,” said Lewis.  “This showed us that business mileage accounts for roughly 62% of the total, with private mileage at 38%.  It is not hard to understand why, when the Government has been very successful in its strategy of taxing company car drivers out of private fuel benefit in recent years.”
The figures leave the BVRLA in an interesting lobbying position.
Lewis continued: “From being in a position where we were looking for data that would support a renewal at 50%, we are now pushing for an increase in the VAT reclaim percentage that is more in line with the true market.  We estimate that a 10 percentage points increase in the VAT reclaim is worth around £100m annually for our members customers.  Knowing what we do now, it is difficult to see the leasing industry accepting anything less than the introduction of a new 60% block derogation for the UK.  If this is not offered, we could end up in a situation where the industry asks for the VAT reclaim to be settled case by case, with fleets having to calculate on a portfolio basis.”
This already happens in some other European countries and is a major administrative burden for some leasing companies and their customers. However, more fleets are using mileage capture systems now.
Lewis concluded: “The bottom line is that the sums at stake are just too large to ignore.”


Road improvement speed-up welcomed

29 November 2012

Plans by the Government to introduce new ways of working to speed up the way road schemes are planned and built have been welcomed by the Freight Transport Association (FTA). In future, lanes will be added to motorways in up to half the time it takes currently. The FTA has campaigned for many years with regard to the lengthy time road improvement schemes can take to complete; despite having already passed the planning and financial approval stages.


London homes become electric vehicle charge points

28 November 2012

London homeowners are being encouraged to turn their driveways into charging spaces for electric vehicles.
An electric vehicle charging point (worth £1,500) will be installed free of charge thanks to a partnership between, energy company SSE, Chargemaster and Source London.  Homeowners can then rent out their driveways to EV drivers who book online at 


Fuel theft on the increase as fuel prices rise

27 November 2012


No change for petrol and diesel Advisory Fuel Rate

27 November 2012

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has published new Advisory Fuel Rates (AFRs) with no change to either petrol or diesel rates.
The rates, which organisations use to repay drivers for fuel used on business mileage, take effect from Saturday (December 1) and are reviewed quarterly.
There is a 1p per mile increase for LPG cars across the different engine variants.
New rates in bold, previous rates in brackets.
1400cc or less 15p (15p)
 1401cc to 2000cc 18p (18p)
 Over 2000cc 26p (26p)
 1600cc or less 12p (12p)
 1601cc to 2000cc 15p (15p)
 Over 2000cc 18p (18p)
 1400cc or less 11p (10p)
 1401cc to 2000cc 13p (12p)
 Over 2000cc 18p (17p)

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